We monitor new types of data, for more than 9,000 equities in real time

We monitor trends, events, breaking news stories and conversations around more than 9,000 traded equities – spotting opportunities before other financial sources can.

Exclusive ‘Pulse’ technology

Our ‘Pulse measurement’ informs you of heightened market activities; saving you time and letting you know when to take notice.

Never miss an opportunity again

Trading.co.uk’s ‘Opportunity Index’ gives you a snapshot of what’s trending in the markets right now.

Real-time alerts keep you on top of changes

Our ‘Alerting system’ notifies you when abnormal online activities are happening – giving you a chance to make informed decisions on more trading opportunities.

We monitor the markets in real time, so you don’t have to.

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Create unlimited watch lists

Our ‘Watch lists’ provide you with an instant overview of what is happening to your favourite equities.

Your watch list shows you a summarised view of what’s happening around the equities you want to keep track of.

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Instantly see a storm story brewing

Trading.co.uk offers you a variety of tools to help you see a financial event as it unfolds.


Sometimes all you need to see is the headline to understand which way a financial opportunity is heading. Our ‘News headline extractor’ delivers the breaking news to you, via the headlines.

Curated news stories

Want to know more details, but don’t want to waste time reading multiple news sources, or browsing other sites? Our ‘Curated news’ takes a variety matching financial articles and curates them to make one key article – removing the waffle and covering the main details that you need to know.

Tag cloud

Trading.co.uk sifts through every mention of an equity and extracts the most important key words and phrases being used. Our ‘Hot Topics’ tag cloud instantly shows you an overview of what’s happening, without having to read long news articles.

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Your customisable dashboard

With a fully customisable dashboard, you can set and monitor information that matters most to you.

The technology behind Trading.co.uk


10 GB data per second | 1.6 million web sources | Up to 22 billion social messages per day

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