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About Trading 

Providing real-time, unique investment data

The staggering  growth rate of digital content and its distribution is creating amazing opportunities. But trying to make sense of all that data can be difficult, confusing and downright frustrating.

At, we have a sole purpose of creating a super simple tool that is completely unique to give you a market advantage. We are a group of data junkies, who love to solve problems, (it’s what get’s us up in the morning) that created our proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine to mine the web universe to find unique, meaningful, actionable insight.

Join us in the AI Revolution now!

By the numbers


of data per second

50 million

sources per day

22 billion

signals interpreted per day

Get ahead of the game!

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Join Our Squad

Junior Software Engineer

Salary: Subject to experience
Location: West Malling

We are looking for a junior software engineer to join our backend solutions team to help us improve and maintain our internal systems and public API’s. You will be working with technologies, such as .NET & .NET Core, NodeJS, the ELK stack, and 3rd Party services.

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