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A bit more about us is a news and information portal, the likes of which
has never been seen before.

Our site takes gigabytes of information every second from news
and social media platforms and transforms it into the real-time
analysis and news that powers the site.

In some cases, news has been made visible on the site 15-20 minutes
before the major networks have broadcast it!

With investors can...

Create their own 'watchlist' of equities that are of interest to them
Rely on the sites’ ability to highlight trending stories
Use the sites’ own watchlists of major index component stocks and currency pairs

Custom alerts

Custom alerts can then be configured to be sent to them in a
variety of ways, such as…

  • By email
  • In their newsfeed
  • Or by mobile Push notifications (coming soon)

What we can offer you

Site Ads

There are several ad units in service across the site, including 728x90, 320x50, 970x90, 600x250, 300x250, with the normal geographic targeting options available.

You can view our current serving ads at: .

Ads are shown to free users, but not to paying (Elite) users, although additional options to this user group will be available in due course, such as ‘Trade Now’ buttons in their content, and text ads shown in the news feed itself.

Email Ads

Text ads are also available within dynamically written emails that are sent out to users who have expressed interest in particular subjects, equities and/or currencies, such as Trump, AAPL or GBP/USD.

In addition, ads will also be available within dynamically written update emails, such as when a user adds or removes a company from their portfolio.

Our Rates

*Shown on free version