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A Feed That Works

This is not just a newsfeed. Our Feed provides you with real-time information on the investments that matter to you. Our AI Scans the web to surface data from traditional outlets as well as social channels to give you a unique view.

Social Media Monitoring

We track mentions and conversations across social media to help you forecast news before it breaks across traditional channels. Find this in your Feed.

Choose Your Stock Interests

Choose from only the most popular stocks. Didn't find what you were looking for? We have over 9,000 equities to chose from on our 'Elite' platform. Find out more here.

Monitor In Real Time

Our AI discovers actionable insight as they unfold, giving you more time to make informed decisions on those that matter to you.

Sentiment Analysis

Be the first to be alerted to shifting sentiment. Our AI monitors social opinion so you can spot potential trends before market changes.

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