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Everything you need to know about Apple's iPhone 11 launch

Apple released three new iPhone 11 smartphones - as expected - last night alongside the latest Apple Watch 5, and an updated entry-level iPad. It also pinned launch dates on its long-awaited games and TV services, and revealed that iOS 13 will be released on 19th September. However, many observers found the launch underwhelming, with the iPhone 11 offering only incremental upgrades before the expected release of 5G-capable of iPhones next year, while some of the features showcased on the Apple Watch 5, such as an always-on display and compass (!) The iPhone 11, meanwhile, offers just a double camera array, but a new glass and aluminium chassis that, the Apple claims, makes it one of the toughest smartphones made to date (not including ‘rugged' smartphones, of course). Apple's iOS 13 operating system will ship on the all-new iPhone 11 models, coming to iPhone and iPad users from Thursday 19th September.

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