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Investors Searchlight: Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. (ARCO) – Analysts Buzz

Investors are searching for easily tradable or highly liquid stocks, here we screened Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. stock with recent volume of 689991 shares. Looking around last three track record, it holds trading capacity of 502.62K shares on average basis. If you own a stock that has extremely low daily volume, it may be difficult to get free of in a short time period. Price to book ratio in most recent quarter was 4.34 while trailing twelve months period, price to sales ratio of the stock was 0.54. Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. (ARCO) stock price is trading at a gap of 6.09% away from the 20-Day SMA and figured out a distance of 9.55% from the its 50-Day SMA.

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