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Tesla whistleblower retains law firm famous for winning $22.5 million Monsanto suit

Martin Tripp, the Tesla technician who CEO Elon Musk accused of sabotage , has filed a formal whistleblower complaint about the electric vehicle maker and hired a prominent New York law firm to represent him. Tripp retained Meissner Associates, which won a $22.5 million judgement in 2016 in a whistleblower lawsuit over financial fraud at Monsanto. Placed batteries containing dangerous puncture holes in vehicles which proceeded to the end of the assembly line in a process known internally at Tesla as “Containment AR622” and which input into vehicles was tracked until the end of the assembly line process;. "It’s dramatic and serious as far as the materiality of the omissions and misstatements, and how they effect investors, and the general public regarding potential safety hazards of Tesla vehicles," Meissner told CNBC.

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