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Tanzania fines Acacia Mining for breaching environmental regulations

Tanzania has imposed a fine of TZS300m ($129,143) on Acacia Mining over allegations of violating environmental regulations at its North Mara mine. The firm has already recognised the need for additional tailings management and storage capacity to cover tailings production for the remainder of the mine’s lifespan. Although the mine does not yet have detailed or completely costed plans or project schedules for the development of a new facility, Acacia expects a new TSF likely to be an economically viable alternative to further expansions of the existing TSF at the mine. The National Environment Management Council (NEMC) reported findings on discharges of a hazardous substance at the mine. “We are awaiting NEMC’s detailed reports, findings and testing data in relation to this allegation but are not aware of any such discharge.”The news comes two days after the appointment of new mining minister Dotto Biteko.

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