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Paying for Uber Just Got Easier for PayActiv Users

"PayActiv is in the business of freeing employees' hard-earned income. The integration between PayActiv and Uber platforms keeps employees and business progressing with security, dignity, and lots of savings," said Sohail Aslam, Co-founder and CTO of PayActiv. Uber X rides are affordable and convenient and can provide a great alternative to needing a personal car. However, as Uber only accepts card payments in some markets, those living a cash-based lifestyle can't always take advantage of the world's most popular ride-hailing service until now. Workers at companies that offer PayActiv as an employee benefit can now use their earned wages to pay for unlimited rides with Uber for a flat non-recurring per pay period fee which includes access to multiple financial wellness services. For someone who just got a job or is financially struggling, a car breakdown can mean losing their job because auto repairs are expensive and the time the car is out of service could keep them from getting to work. "Uber provides mobility to people by powering millions of trips every day. With this integration, PayActiv users living a cash-based life or lacking a credit card will also be able to enjoy the convenience of Uber," said Michael Goodwin, Head of Business Development, Uber.

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