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Entergy bills to go up $15 as U.S. tax credit expires

Residential customers of Entergy Arkansas will see their monthly bills increase by an average of $15 beginning in January as a federal tax credit expires. Southwestern Electric Power Co. customers also will see their bills go up, though a company official did not have specific information available Friday. Entergy Arkansas is notifying customers that tax credits that were implemented 21 months ago are now rolling off electric bills. "We want all of our customers to be aware that the tax credit of nearly $230 million that has been returned to residential customers since April 2018 ends this month," Considine said in a prepared statement. "Bills will return to levels very similar to March 2018 before the credit was applied." Southwestern Electric Power customers were given billing credits of $22.5 million from October 2018 through this month, spokesman Peter Main said.

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