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Why Asda is proud to back award for corporate social responsibility

"This includes changing all our fresh produce trays from black plastic to clear, as we move towards making all of our packaging 100% recyclable by 2025." As Asda hits this first year reduction milestone, the retailer has acknowledged this is only the beginning of the journey and has committed to continuing its focus on reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, as well as working with industry bodies and relevant organisations to share best practice and develop new ideas. "A significant change includes the introduction of a new plastic principle embedded throughout the business, which will ensure all new packaging designs avoid the use of unnecessary plastic without impacting on food waste or shelf life," said Mr McDonald. "Where there is no current viable alternative to plastic, we have pledged to use the most recyclable materials made from recycled content wherever possible." Asda is also continuing to work with packaging experts at Leeds Beckett University to look for and assess alternative packaging materials and will publish its first report later this year. Congratulating in advance those who will make the shortlist of companies in the Corporate Social Responsibility category when they're announced next week, Mr McDonald added: "It is fantastic to see these organisations recognise the importance of CSR and how it cuts across so many aspects of day to day operations, which will ultimately drive business improvement and success."

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