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Could Tesla Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?

Better yet, it managed to post a quarterly profit in Q3, and may be on track to do the same in Q4! In spite of all this, the stock's price has bounced around a lot, starting 2019 at almost the exact same level as a year earlier. More importantly, could Tesla grow enough to make its investors into millionaires? That would be more than five times larger than Apple or Amazon, which currently have market caps of just over $750 billion. For any company -- let alone a car company -- this is next to impossible. Even for investors who bought in during Tesla's first year, when its market cap was less than $2.5 billion, a 10,000% return would make it the largest car company in the world by far, surpassing Toyota's (NYSE: TM) current $169.2 billion market cap. In fact, there's some evidence that Tesla's energy storage segment has just as much growth potential as its electric vehicle business. But the solar business has been on the decline for years, and Tesla doesn't seem to be investing heavily into that side of the business.

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Could Tesla Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?

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