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Shopping for Black Friday, What is Better Best Buy or Amazon

Box stores are open even earlier -- with many welcoming shoppers in at some point on Thanksgiving -- while online retailers do plenty to earn business, too. Yet one thing that has not changed is the chance to snag some amazing deals, with many people looking to spend on technology that they've been hoping to buy for a good while now. Black Friday 2017 also saw Amazon list a 32-inch TV for under $70 and a 49-inch 4K TV for just $159.99 and while neither was made by a big-name brand, they were by far the cheapest prices on televisions of that size. And then there's where Amazon will pretty much always win, and that's in online deals and shipping. Last year, Best Buy released a 50-page Black Friday ad scan, while at the same time Amazon sent out a press release detailing less than 100 specific deals. We know Amazon will have plenty more than that on Black Friday, but they traditionally like to keep them as a bit of a surprise. And, as noted above, last year Best Buy offered free standard shipping on all Black Friday orders. What does that mean for this year's Black Friday?

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