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India on its mind, Microsoft to house a cloud unit within big IT cos, Technology News, ETtech

Microsoft is pushing ahead with a strategy to create a separate business unit within large IT companies, in a drive to accelerate its India business. Called the ITeS 360 solution, the business unit helps IT companies in selling the entire stack of Microsoft offerings — ranging from artificial intelligence solutions to business applications — over the cloud to their customers who may be spread across the globe. The business unit leader housed inside an IT company will ensure that the local Microsoft office in that particular location helps rolling out the solution, Microsoft India president Anant Maheshwari told ET in an interview. Maheshwari said there was no real scale that existed in the companies earlier, “but they have now understood the power of the go-to-market that we provide around the world”. For instance, one of the largest IT companies in India could be in 10 different geographies and wants to call on 15 different customers.

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