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Uber air taxi partner unveils its Bell Nexus flying car

Uber air taxi partner unveils its Bell Nexus flying car. At CES, Fort Worth, Texas-based firm Bell revealed a full-scale model of its Nexus hybrid-electric air taxi that can take off and land vertically, and seat five people. The company previously showed off the interior of its taxi concept at last year’s CES; this year’s unveiling hints that it’s made significant process in designing the vehicle. However, it isn’t a working prototype; The Verge notes that will be ready closer to the official launch, so you’ll have to wait a while. The Verge noted that Uber would only offer all-electric VTOL vehicles on its platform, but the Nexus could help things along by kicking off flying car tests sooner than later. So essentially, you’re looking at air taxi rides sometime in the mid-2020s.

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