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Doctored video of sinister Mark Zuckerberg puts Facebook to the test

A doctored video of Mark Zuckerberg delivering a foreboding speech has been posted to Instagram, in a stunt that put Facebook’s content moderation policies to the test. The clip, posted four days ago, casts the Facebook founder in a sinister light, boasting of his power, and is meant to appear as if it is a legitimate news program. “Imagine this for a second: one man with total control of billions of people’s stolen data, all their secrets, their lives, their futures,” the faux-Zuckerberg says. The video, which was slowed to make it appear as if Pelosi were drunk and slurring her words, was shared by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. While Facebook did not delete the video, it said it had downplayed its appearance in newsfeeds.

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