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Netflix, Roku, & Chipotle in Spotlight After Wall Street's Green Week

Netflix, Roku, & Chipotle in Spotlight After Wall Street's Green Week. On today’s episode of the Zacks Friday Finish Line, Associate Stock Strategist Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson take on this week's top market headlines, including the renewed momentum of Netflix, Roku, and Chipotle as well as a batch of mixed holiday sales results from the retail sector. Stocks posted another solid stretch of gains this week, with major indexes approaching bullish technical levels amid growing optimism about trade negotiations between the U.S. and China. Whether that optimism will last remains to be seen, but one can't help but notice that some of the investment world's most talked about stocks have been moving in the right direction again. This doesn't guarantee a direct benefit, of course, but Netflix bulls will claim it proves that management is delivering both quality and quantity for users, which should be a great thing for the future.

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