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Aegon Asset Management reports significant boost in responsible investment activities

Aegon Asset Management, which has a responsible investment history dating back over 30 years, launched a best-in-class ESG high yield strategy and a sustainability-themed solution in fixed income last year, with further strategies under development. These products complement the company's existing suite of responsible investment solutions including its well-established ethical and sustainable equity strategies. Brunno Maradei, global head of responsible investment at Aegon Asset Management comments: "We are proud to be recognized as one of the leaders in responsible investment and happy to be able to report this boost in our ESG-related activities. "The increase in our active ownership activity demonstrates our commitment to good stewardship both as shareholders and bondholders. Positioned for success in our chosen markets (Asia, Continental Europe, North America and the UK), Aegon Asset Management's specialist teams provide investment solutions across asset classes.

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