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Global Embedded Display Suppliers Strategic and Leadership Benchmark Report 2020: Avnet, Anders DX, Esterel Technologies, Altia, Microsoft , Densitron, ENEA, Planar Systems, and Multitouch -

An embedded display are used for a variety of end-use industries, such as automotive, construction equipment, medical, fitness equipment, wearables, home appliances, HVAC, and industrial automation and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 11%. The major growth drivers for this market are low-cost and high-efficiency of embedded display, increasing number of automated devices and systems in various industries, and growth in demand of embedded display in 3S systems. Major players in embedded display market have diversified product portfolios, strong geographical reach, and have made several strategic initiatives. In this research study, eight companies such as Avnet, Anders DX, Esterel Technologies, Altia, Microsoft , Densitron, ENEA AB, Planar Systems Inc., and Multitouch Ltd. were analyzed and profiled because they are the top revenue producers for embedded display.

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