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Huawei is 'open' to selling 5G chips to Apple for iPhones, marking a big shift in strategy

Huawei started by selling phones at low prices but in recent years has shifted focus to increase its market share in the high end of the market, battling Apple and Samsung. As part of that move, Huawei has developed its own chips, including a modem to give smartphones 5G connectivity, and a processor to power its devices. 5G is next-generation mobile internet, which delivers data at very high speeds. So far, those pieces of technology have been used only in Huawei's devices. Apple declined to comment when contacted by CNBC. However, Huawei is facing huge political pressure, particularly from the United States, which has said the company is a national security risk because it could help the Chinese government carry out espionage. Huawei has looked to challenge Apple among consumers and even overtook the company in smartphone market share last year.

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