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How Kevin Mayer 'Was Snubbed' At Disney And Has A Lot To Prove At TikTok

Walt Disney Co's (NYSE: DIS) former head of streaming Kevin Mayer "was snubbed" and is on a mission to show "greater relevance" as TikTok's new chief executive, says Eric Schiffer, the CEO of private equity firm The Patriarch Organization. Mayer was Disney's most senior executive in charge of all things streaming, including the company's direct-to-consumer video strategy. Most investors were "totally clueless" about Mayer's role at Disney and most top money players didn't consider him to be a "superstar," Schiffer told Benzinga. Mayer has an opportunity to show "greater relevance" at TikTok, which is the undisputed media outlet of choice for Generation Z -- the "hottest demo in the world."

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