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4 Reasons Google Stadia Is No Game Changer

The days of gamers spending $400 on a new gaming console and then paying $60 for each new title may be coming to an end. As people have grown accustomed to streaming unlimited movies and music, gaming seems to be the next entertainment medium ready for a subscription-based model. The dominant console makers, Microsoft(NASDAQ: MSFT) and Sony(NYSE: SNE), currently offer Xbox and PlayStation owners a subscription gaming service with Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation NOW, respectively, but these services have yet to gain mass appeal. It's clear that Google Stadia is a service ultimately designed to build engagement on YouTube and grow ad revenue. However, there are four major obstacles Stadia must overcome to win over gamers. Nonetheless, game streaming has gotten a bad rap among gamers for the poor quality of existing services. As a result, there remains as much skepticism as optimism in the gaming community about Stadia, and that mindset, alone, may prevent gamers from signing up when it launches later this year.

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4 Reasons Google Stadia Is No Game Changer

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