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Microsoft Stock Gets a Buy Rating: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Stock Gets a Buy Rating: What You Need to Know. Today, we're taking one high-profile Wall Street pick and putting it under the microscope... At $1,070 billion in market capitalization, Microsoft(NASDAQ: MSFT) stock reigns supreme as America's sole trillion-dollar company. Currently, Amazon is a few pennies shy of the trillion-dollar mark, while Apple is limping along at a measly $919 billion.). But according to one analyst, $1 trillion is only the beginning for Microsoft. (To be clear, this does not mean that Microsoft will generate $118 billion + $100 billion = $218 billion in 2025. What it does mean is that that over the next six years, the company would add a total of $100 billion in additional sales on top of the $118 billion a year in business it's already doing. For example, sales might grow by $12 billion in 2020, then by another $13 billion in 2021, $15 billion in 2022, and so on.). Assuming the analyst is right about this, Microsoft could be "driving consistent double digit earnings growth" from now through 2025, says Cowen. And this prediction is in line with the average analyst estimate, which according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, forecasts 12% compounded earnings growth for the company over the next five or so years. What it means for investors.

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