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Apple TV+: a canny way to compete with Netflix

Three new phones, all thoroughly leaked in advance; a new basic iPad with a slightly larger screen; and a new Apple Watch with a face that never turns off. The service will be priced at just $5 (£4) a month. Yet most won’t even be paying that, since a year’s subscription will also come free with any purchase of an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac. The service had big exclusives, but seemed to lack the sort of backlist that can reliably answer the question: “What shall we watch tonight?” Without that content, it was always going to be difficult to convince people to drop their Netflix subscriptions for Apple TV+. The first is the marginally successful set-top-box that Apple sells to sit under your TV. Since its relaunch a few years back as an app platform to sit alongside iOS, watchOS and macOS, the Apple TV range has struggled to justify itself in the homes of many: if all you do is watch the two or three largest streaming services, it’s wildly overpowered and overpriced compared with the competition from Roku or Amazon. But that’s where the second Apple TV comes in – the TV app, which runs not only on the TV hardware, but also on Macs, iPads and iPhones.

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