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A giant coalition of companies including Amazon and Apple urges Congress to save 'Dreamers'

A coalition of companies including Apple and Amazon urges the Congress to pass bipartisan legislation that enables more than 700,000 immigrants, known as "Dreamers," to legally work and live in the U.S. "With the re-opening of the federal government and the presumptive restart of immigration and border security negotiations, now is the time for Congress to pass a law to provide Dreamers the certainty they need," the coalition wrote in a letter to lawmakers. More than 100 major companies including Apple AAPL and Amazon AMZN are renewing their push for immigration reform as another potential government shutdown looms. CEOs who signed the letter include Apple's Tim Cook, Facebook FB 's Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Google GOOGL 's Sundar Pichai and Twitter TWTR and Square SQ 's Jack Dorsey. Trump agreed on Jan. 25 to end a 35-day government shutdown, the longest such impasse in history, without getting the $5.7 billion he had demanded from Congress for a border wall.

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