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Google purchases widen for downtown San Jose transit village

SAN JOSE — Google has bought the downtown San Jose site of a metal fabrication shop that’s been in business for nearly seven decades, a fresh purchase by the search giant as it pursues a proposed transit village. The Puccio Machine & Welding Works site is the latest property that Google has collected for its transit-oriented development in downtown San Jose near the Diridon train station and SAP entertainment and sports complex. San Jose residents Kenneth Puccio and Kathleen Mitchell sold the property at 357 N. Montgomery St. to Google for slightly more than $1 million, according to public documents filed with Santa Clara County officials on Sept. 10. Today, much of Puccio Machine’s work focuses on the motorcycle industry and specialized metal work. Since the tech giant began purchasing properties in downtown San Jose for its transit village, starting in December 2016, Google has spent approximately $387.8 million acquiring an eclectic group of sites.

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