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AdNews Investigation: How does social media stack up? - AdNews

A 2017 Sensis study found 26% of small businesses, 35% of medium–sized businesses and 42% of large businesses paid for advertising on social media. For SMBs this represents growth of six points for smaller firms and 8% for medium–sized entities. But, chasing audiences on social media platforms has become wrought with risk for some advertisers in the past year. Ads have unwittingly run next to undesirable content on YouTube, funded social media stars that have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, and the measurement of success has faced serious scrutiny after several misreporting scandals. In a social media survey of 50 marketers, we found that around 26% of media budgets are being spent on social media platforms, with nearly all marketers (98%) using Facebook, 56% on Instagram and 46% on YouTube. More recently, the social media platform has faced pressure to tighten its data security policies to prevent app developers from obtaining too much user data after it was revealed that an app developer working for Cambridge Analytica harvested 87 million user profiles to help serve advertising in the 2016 US presidential elections.

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