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Should You Buy Facebook Stock Now?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock has always been a bit volatile. You see the same thing happen with its FAANG stock compatriots. Some have normalized their volatility by building out their businesses and maturing. But all the same, there’s still a bit of mystery as to how far some of these companies can carry their dominance and how wide they can make their moats. For example, until Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) got its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud business printing money, every quarter was a roll of the dice, since AMZN doesn’t put money aside for a rainy day. And its aggressive pricing to grab market share meant sales growth was crucial, rather than revenue growth. Everyone holds their breath to see if NFLX will hit its subscriber growth numbers every quarter, knowing that at some point, growth will have to slow down. Then the privacy issues started to set in. And they reached a significant volume last year when there was talk about how FB stock was selling data to third parties and mining its platforms’ customer data as part of its business model.

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Should You Buy Facebook Stock Now?

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