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Engine Restoration Begins on One-of-a-Kind Ferrari Boat

The boat, named Arno XI, was built to break world speed records and has an unprecedented pedigree, setting an unbroken record of over 240 kph in 1953 on the Lago d'Iseo, Italy. "We have restored the rarest and most valuable Ferraris ever made, but obviously we have only ever worked on car engines and bodies. Restoring this 1952 Ferrari engine, specifically hand built for this unique installation, is the thrill of lifetime for all of us at Ferrari headquarters." "Imagine being a top technician at Ferrari and being able to work on the very same parts that Enzo Ferrari himself helped craft and design," said the boat's fourth and current owner, Austin businessman Milton Verret. The Ferrari engine originally produced 350 bhp. But after some initial test runs and races in early 1953, even though the boat did speeds well over 100mph, Enzo Ferrari ordered the engine modified for methanol fuel to allow higher compression ratios.

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