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Man arrested for selling Netflix and Spotify accounts

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced today that they arrested a man accused of selling stolen login credentials online. The unnamed man, a 21-year-old living in Sydney, Australia, operated a website called that advertised having almost one million usernames and passwords for Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and other services. Police in Australia were tipped off to, which claimed to have about 120,000 paid users, by the FBI in 2018. While the arrest took place in Australia, the victims of the site were international and included people located in the US. When the administrator of the site was arrested by AFP yesterday, police seized "electronic materials and various amounts of cryptocurrencies" from his home. According to police, the operator of obtained the stolen accounts through credential stuffing -- a process in which an attacker takes usernames and passwords from a breach and attempts to "stuff" those credentials into other services.

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