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Partners primed as Indonesia embraces Google Cloud - Channel Asia

“It’s still early days for cloud adoption in Indonesia but our new GCP region in Jakarta will enable customers to accelerate their data-led innovation close to home. For partners, this means significant business opportunities.”. Spanning customer wins in manufacturing across Thailand and Indonesia - alongside organisations in Malaysia and Singapore - the expanded partnership with SAP has kick-started a wave of Google Cloud deployments in Southeast Asia, driven by specialised partners. Whether shifting SAP applications to the cloud, integrating machine learning into business processes or enhancing enterprise data capabilities, SAP applications and SAP HANA are certified to run on Google Cloud. GCP in Jakarta - first communicated to the market in October 2018 - comes with the vendor’s standard set of services, including Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL, alongside Cloud Storage, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable and BigQuery. “Indonesia is a strategic market for Accenture where we are enabling many enterprises in their transformation and innovation journey, and cloud is a foundational block,” explained Vatvani, adding that the GSI will also release joint bundles in the market to help customers deploy and adopt Google Cloud services.

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