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3 Big Stock Charts for Wednesday: Ventas, Under Armour and General Electric

The S&P 500 lost 0.03% of its value on Tuesday, squelching the rally effort for a day, but at least keeping the market positioned for another try that doesn’t have to start with a lot of groundwork. Source: Allan Ajifo via Wikimedia (Modified). Chief among them was the 6.7% gain metal company Vale (NYSE:VALE) logged, mostly as a bounce back from news that it would be spending nearly $2 billion to shutter nine dams in Brazil where the company has suffered from multiple fatal dam breaks. Rather, pay close attention to the stock charts of Under Armour (NYSE:UA), General Electric (NYSE:GE) and Ventas (NYSE:VTR). Given its history and the fact that the stock is once again overbought, odds are good this third time won’t be the charm either. However, the fact that UA shares continue to take swings suggests it’s only a matter of time before the effort finds success.

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