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Where to buy the DJI Mini 2: find stock and microSD card deals here

DJI currently has a site-wide offer that gives you a 5% discount on some products if you sign up to its newsletter, but that sadly isn't applicable to new products like the Mini 2. So does it make any difference which store you buy it from? Despite the identical Mini 2 price tags, there are some other things that could sway you towards a retailer other than DJI's online store. Some like Best Buy are offering an extended return period, while others are including bonuses like free repair cover or a memory card. If you're really keen to get your hands on a Mini 2, there are some variations in the stated waiting times, too. While some stores have pre-order waiting lists, the Mini 2 is already available to buy from Amazon Prime with next-day delivery. Another factor to bear in mind is that DJI Mini 2's Intelligent Flight Battery is out of stock with no return date, so it might be tricky to buy a spare battery at a later date if you go for the standard bundle. Still, the latter does still include everything you need to fly your DJI Mini 2, aside from a microSD card – and we've included recommendations and deals on those further down the page.

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