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Should You Follow Jeff Bezos and Invest in Uber and Airbnb IPOs?

These are only three of many companies that he has chosen to invest in. He also founded his own aerospace firm, Blue Origin, “to make space tourism more affordable.” In addition, in 2013, Bezos made headlines after he bought the popular media outlet, The Washington Post, in a deal worth $250 million.## Uber and Airbnb investmentsAccording to the data compiled by, Bezos invested about $37 million in the American ride-hailing service provider Uber in 2011. While Uber has not been listed yet, investors still await its IPO, expected in 2019, to take a position in the company. In December 2018, Uber made a confidential filing with the regulator for its IPO. Other tech companies including Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), and Netflix (NFLX) lost 18.7%, 1.7%, and 39.4%, respectively.Browse this series on Market Realist: * Part 1 - Jeff Bezos Owns These Five Key Public Stocks * Part 2 - Bezos Invested in Twitter about Ten Years Ago: Should You Now?

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