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BlackBerry, Microsoft enter partnership for Teams integration

BlackBerry has announced the integration of its critical event management platform, BlackBerry AtHoc, with Microsoft Teams. As the newly remote workforce adopts productivity tools to get work done and stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic, organisations need to establish IT and security rules for extended virtual working, the company says. "Integrating BlackBerry AtHoc will ensure that any organisation managing critical events using Teams is able to contact, alert, and account for everyone within the organisation directly through the Teams platform should an incident transpire," it says. "Already implemented across multiple industries such as federal and local government, public safety and law enforcement, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare, BlackBerry AtHoc gives peace of mind against a range of risks, from service degradation to natural disasters and industrial accidents. “BlackBerry AtHoc integrations with Microsoft Teams are important for our mutual customers,” says Mike Ammerlaan, director of Microsoft 365 ecosystem marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Providing business continuity assurance is a priority and this integration delivers an enhanced tool for ongoing, secure communications.”.

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