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Facebook's Integrated Messaging Plan Claims Its First Casualties

Two major executives, Chief Product Officer Chris Cox and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels, are leaving the company. Losing Cox is a particularly hard blow, as the executive has been with Facebook since 2005. However, Daniels' exit is also notable, as he had only been in charge of WhatsApp for less than a year, after co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton left over disagreements about data privacy practices. Cox has shared his farewell post on Facebook, suggesting that he's not the right man to lead Facebook's new "product direction" and indirectly implying that he would not be "excited" for the undertaking. Many executives did not agree with the idea of adding end-to-end encryption (which has long been available on WhatsApp) by default to all of Facebook's messaging services, in part due to potential implications for Facebook's business model, according to the report. While a less high-profile executive, Daniels has been with Facebook for over eight years, serving in a number of roles culminating in his promotion to lead WhatsApp last year.

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