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Model Y: Tesla to unveil new electric crossover SUV

Tesla is expected to unveil a new electric crossover SUV, the Model Y, during an event in Los Angeles on Thursday evening. The vehicle will be the fifth model for the electric carmaker, which has spent the past three years struggling to fulfill its March 2016 promise to produce a mass-market electric sedan for $35,000. Tesla finally began selling versions of that sedan, the Model 3, for $35,000 on 28 February, though the milestone came amid typical Tesla chaos: the company said it would help achieve the price cut by closing all its stores and moving to online-only sales, only to backtrack less than two weeks later. In late February, the US Securities and Exchange Commission asked a judge to hold Musk in contempt of court for allegedly violating a settlement requiring him not to publish “inaccurate and material information” about the publicly traded company on his Twitter feed.

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