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Hulu Updates Its User Interface, Aiming To Improve Film And TV Discovery – Deadline

Hulu has updated its user interface with the goal of improving content discovery and providing a more consistent experience across the other services included in its bundled offering with Disney+ and ESPN+. Operated jointly by multiple media companies since its 2007 launch, Hulu last year came under the control of Disney following its buyout of Comcast’s stake in the service and acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox. Disney then integrated Hulu into a $13-a-month bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ last fall, with the bundle helping drive subscriptions of all three services. As of March 31, Hulu reported 32.1 million total subscribers, including 3.3 million customers of its live TV package, up 27% from the same period in 2019. “This navigation pattern is something our viewers are accustomed to and matches the navigation pattern across Disney+ and ESPN+,” they wrote, “making it easier for viewers who subscribe to the Disney bundle to switch between services and navigate with ease.”.

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