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Multi-unit Burger King, Popeyes franchisee, adds Pizza Hut stores

Multi-unit Burger King, Popeyes franchisee, adds Pizza Hut stores. Large-scale Burger King and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchisee, GPS Hospitality, has acquired 75 Pizza Hut restaurants in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee, extending the company's properties footprint from 11 to 13 states, with expectations of breaking 500 restaurants total this year. "Not only does the brand see value in investing in its people, but also positioning itself as an industry leader with its recent NFL sponsorship, plus innovations with its app and delivery offerings. "Our partnership with Pizza Hut is a deliberate move to align ourselves with a brand that reflects our values and business sensibilities. The addition of the third brand and expansion into new territories are major milestones for our company." Rounding out GPS' Pizza Hut leadership team are Directors of Operations Zack Wilcox and Travis Kirkland, promoted from district leaders in the company's Burger King division.

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