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Kohl’s will now accept Amazon returns in all its stores — Quartz

The companies didn’t specify what would be deemed ineligible, although the Verge speculates it means “no oversized items or other illogical things to push onto a store” or products from third-party Amazon sellers. The Kohl’s-Amazon partnership began in 2017, when the department store started selling Amazon-branded knick-knacks like the Fire TV and Echo Dot in some stores. Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass told CNBC that the partnership is part of the company’s bigger plan to “drive traffic” into stores and “bring more relevance” to shoppers. Indeed, Kohl’s, alongside other bastions of the retail industry, have struggled to compete with e-commerce companies (aka Amazon) and direct-to-consumer businesses. While Kohl’s has fared better than former behemoths like Bon-Ton and Sears, which have filed for bankruptcy, it too has shuttered some locations. But Amazon might be getting the sweeter deal here.

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