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Google locally focused ads poised to play important holiday season role for brick-and-mortar brands

It’s likely to have an even more dramatic impact this holiday season, as 2016 data showed strong growth of Local Inventory Ads and Google Maps ads leading up to Christmas Day. Looking at the share of all Google Shopping traffic attributed to LIAs for those brick-and-mortar advertisers deploying the local format, it’s clear that local ad traffic picks up significantly in the days immediately leading up to Christmas. Taking a look at the share of traffic coming from the “Get location details” click type, nearly all of which represent visitors from ads on Google Maps, we find that these ad units became increasingly important last year for brand text ads as Christmas approached. If 2016 holiday season trends are any indication — and they likely are — it’s clear that brands with physical stores should enable local ad units to take advantage of the increasing importance of that ad type as Christmas Day approaches.

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