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Facebook Unveils Gaming Tab: YouTube & Twitch on Alert?

The company’s recent launch of a “gaming tab” on the navigation panel of Facebook’s app is a step toward that direction.The tab is aimed at making it convenient for gamers to find the content they are looking for. The last tab will cater to gaming groups, wherein gamers can discuss their favorite gaming titles and fix a time to come online.However, the new tab will initially be available for a few gamers only. Apart from the rollout of the gaming tab, a separate Facebook Gaming App is currently in beta test phase on Android.Further, the company also launched a game streaming hub in June, 2018. features live and pre-recorded gaming, video e-sport competitions and gaming conferences.Additionally, Facebook launched Level Up to enable streamers to build a fan base and monetize from the same by collecting digital currency called Facebook Stars. For every star a streamer receives, Facebook pays a certain sum after deducting its own tip.Notably, to capitalize on the growing demand for video games, the company added live streaming and video chat to its Instant Games platform in 2017.

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