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Councillors set to oppose BT's attempts to remove Richmondshire payphones - Richmondshire Today

Following BT announcing its intention to remove 42 phone boxes across one of the country’s most rural districts, the council said it had found there remained “a clear and overriding social need” for many of them, in both remote and densely populated areas. It is the fifth time since 2008 that BT has sought to remove numerous payphones in Richmondshire, an area where despite repeated attempts by authorities to improve mobile coverage, there are many places with poor or no phone signals. The telecoms firm argues that as there is network coverage, it is now possible to call the emergency services, even when there is no credit or no coverage from your own mobile provider. However, members of the district council are set to consider an officer’s recommendation to strongly oppose the removal of payphones in Langthwaite, Newbiggin, Bishopdale, Worton, West Burton, Carlton, two in Colburn, Grinton, Hudswell, Marrick, Gunnerside, Preston under Scar, Thwaite, Reeth, Healaugh and Scorton. The report states the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has confirmed it wishes to see all payphones within the national park retained unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there would be no significant detrimental effect upon local communities and visitors.

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