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U.S. Federal Agency Validates and Approves DJI's High-Security Solution for Government Drone Programs

"The Department of Interior's report validates DJI's effort to build software and hardware solutions that meet the evolving data security needs of its customers," said Mario Rebello , Vice President and Regional Manager of North America at DJI. DOI has been working with DJI for over two years to create a solution that would allow its bureaus access to DJI's high-quality off-the-shelf hardware equipped with custom firmware and software to prevent intentional or unintentional data leakage to any outside entities. During testing there was no indication that data was being transmitted outside the system, confirming that they were operating as promised by DJI. While DJI customers have full control over how the data they generate with drones is collected, stored and transmitted, Government Edition's unique architecture ensures that drone data – including photos and videos captured during flight – can never be intentionally or accidentally shared with unauthorized parties. The Government Edition solution as validated by the DOI, referred to as Government Edition v1.0[2], for DJI Matrice 600 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro drones is available for purchase through select authorized DJI Enterprise resellers in the United States . For more information on all the new features and capabilities of Government Edition, please visit

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