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Rosenstein: I Think AG Barr ‘Is Going To Make The Right Decision’ On Mueller Report – Talking Points Memo

Trump: American Held Hostage In Yemen For 18 Months Has Been Freed. Report: Trump Wants His Lawyers To Stick Around Post-Mueller Probe. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Monday provided a small window into special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and how newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr might handle Mueller’s report on the probe. “But,” Rosenstein continued, “I can tell you that I think the [special counsel] regulation was appropriately written to ensure that we can be confident that the investigation was conducted in an independent way, and that if that special prosecutor believed something should be done and we prohibited him from doing it, there would be a report about that to Congress at the end.”. As to what Barr will do, Rosenstein said, “You’d have to ask him that question.” He added later: “I think Attorney General Barr is going to make the right decision.”.

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