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DataStax Astra Now Available, Bringing Apache Cassandra Performance, Reliability, and Scale to the Cloud

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DataStax today announced the general availability of DataStax Astra, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for Apache Cassandra™ applications, simplifying cloud-native Cassandra application development. According to research conducted by ClearPath Strategies, developers and operators cite the top two reasons for using Cassandra as a good hybrid solution (62 percent) and highly scalable (57 percent); however, 36 percent of practitioners cite a lack of skilled staff as the top obstacle to Cassandra adoption.1 Astra helps overcome that operational challenge by making Cassandra’s masterless, scale-out architecture and linear scalability easily accessible as an on-demand cloud service. "Cassandra is at the center of this with its reliability, resilience, and scalability. We are looking forward to the new release of DataStax Astra that could offer us an easier, better experience for Cassandra deployment and application development in the cloud." "At FamilySearch, we have worked hard to establish a technical infrastructure that enables an always-on operation for our customers. DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra are core elements of that infrastructure, enabling us to scale the data tier for our applications to meet the demands of our patrons," said Tom Creighton, chief technology officer at FamilySearch. "DataStax Astra aligns very nicely with our overall DevOps model of automated infrastructure in the cloud.

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