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UK lawmakers accuse Lloyds bosses of 'boundless greed' over pensions

UK lawmakers accuse Lloyds bosses of 'boundless greed' over pensions. LONDON, May 15 (Reuters) - Senior UK lawmakers have accused executives at Britain's biggest domestic lender Lloyds Banking Group of "boundless greed" for failing to give up generous pension perks that eclipse those on offer to its broader workforce. On the eve of the bank's annual general meeting, the heads of parliament's work and pensions and business committees said attempts by Lloyds to win backing for the policy from employees who also hold the bank's stock "smacks of feverish desperation". In a letter of reply to the lawmakers, Stuart Sinclair, head of Lloyds' remuneration committee, said the pension allowance cut for this year was an "important step" and the remuneration policy would be reviewed ahead of next year's annual meeting.

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