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DJI’s magnet-mounted OM4 fixes a major pain point

Today we learned two things about DJI’s Osmo Mobile series of handheld gimbals. Second, that one of the biggest bugbears was apparently mounting your phone in the thing itself. How do we know? Because the main new feature on the OM4 (the successor to the Osmo Mobile 3) has a whole new mounting system. As the name suggests, it’s the fourth in the series, it costs $150 and it’s available starting today. As a reminder, the Osmo Mobile line allows you to shoot “cinematic” smooth video using your phone while other Osmo handhelds, like the Pocket, have the camera built-in. DJI states that the OM4 offers up to 15 hours of battery life too, but it’s unclear how many hours of spinning it can endure. If you own or have tried the Osmo Mobile 3, then design-wise you’ll be in familiar territory. Having been able to spend some time with the OM4, I can say that it feels a lot more elegant to store in a bag or pocket. And while the button configuration hasn’t changed since last time, it’s still pretty intuitive once you’ve had a chance to learn what does what (as some of the controls have dual functionality). When I tried the magnetic clip on my large-ish OnePlus 7 Pro, it snapped on pretty easily, and I didn’t really have to try and find the sweet spot exactly halfway along the phone.

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