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Analysts split on Tesla 2019 delivery promises

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc shares were down 2% on Wednesday, as analysts remained divided on the electric-carmaker's chances of meeting delivery and production targets in the months ahead, despite Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk's reassurances at an annual shareholder meeting. Musk told shareholders on Tuesday that Tesla was on track to hit its volume production goal for the year, indicating the demand for its cars remains strong. "We made as many cars last year as we had in our entire history. And this year, it's going to be pretty similar at least sort of 60% to 80% growth of the total vehicle fleet, maybe more than that, " Musk said. In the first quarter ended March, Tesla reported a 31% fall in deliveries, sparking concerns about the company's ability to make profits and meet its delivery targets while it grapples with issues related to cash flow and manufacturing. However, Baird analyst Ben Kallo, rated four out of five stars for his accuracy on estimates for Tesla, believes "bear arguments will be disproven in the coming weeks and months".

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