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Kohl's Stock Soars 12% as Amazon Partnership Goes Nationwide

Kohl's expanded this pilot program to the Milwaukee area last year, but that still meant it was accepting Amazon returns in less than 10% of its stores. However, on Tuesday, the company announced that the Amazon returns partnership will be rolled out to the remainder of its more than 1,100 stores nationwide in July. Let's take a look at why Kohl's and Amazon are expanding their partnership and what it could mean for these rivals-turned-allies. Not only is repackaging and shipping unwanted items a hassle, it can also be costly. For example, while Amazon pays for return shipping for certain items -- including most clothing, shoes, watches, and jewelry -- customers must foot the bill for many other purchases. Meanwhile, national omnichannel retailers like Kohl's offer customers a choice between going to a convenient store location or buying items online. However, the growth of e-commerce has put pressure on store traffic, making it harder to cover the fixed costs of operating big stores.

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